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The Association Filomati (AF), is a private association non-profit research intellectual, a free international academy formed in Rome December 28, 2005. Founded in a spirit of continuity with the Royal Academy of Filomati of Lucca,Italy,is independent but historically Related to the secret society of students Filomati and Filaret, the Academy of Filomati of Olbia, at the Company Filomatiche Vosgienne and Paris.The AF has a hierarchical approach that you want symmetrical to that of a meritocratic technocracy. It divides its members into three principal stages: warcasters. Technocrat. Tecnarch. Above these are the tetrarch, with central management positions and led by Prime Tetrarch, a position currently covered Mr. Danilo Campanella.
The Association is organized in the territory by units called Research Commission (currently there are three, called North-Italy, Central-South Italy and South Italy, respectively, with four local branches), supported by a Tecnarca and responsible for carrying out projects and organize activities related to the achievement of goals. In cities where the presence of members is small you are confined Research Groups (Sections), headed by a technocrat.
The Association operates a selection on aspiring members, to examine curricula and considering the consistency to the principles filomatich’s.

Cote d'Ivoire


                   Directeur locale: M. Koutouan Timothée Fendi Loba