There are two ways to join the A.F.:
If you simply agree with principles, aims and goals of the Academy you can fill the form as member and send it to its postal address or to the e-mail. This is absolutely free and you can take part in the associative life, but you can’t present projects, either vote for representatives or be elected or have a career within the PS.


It is possible to sign up as ordinary member, or PHILOMATH, through the Application form in English Membership for residents outside the national territory attaching your curriculum vitae and, after being contacted, depositing the annual fee. You are able to attend the associative life both physically (debates, exhibitions, laboratories, parties, conferences..) and via internet (by writing essays, articles, publishing extracts, building research projects..) widening your horizons, specializing in an area of interest and knowing people who you can share your mutual “elective affinity” with. Everybody can aspire to be acknowledged by the PS technocratic chief as Philomath all over the world. Ask through for the application form in English or in your own language.


Those who have ideas to propose to the A.F. can go for it by describing them in the association forum, project section. When an idea is being accepted by the Executive Council it becomes a project ,and as such, is promoted by filling the form modulo di progetto and sent it to the general secretary’s e-mail address. Those who have difficulties in filling the form can have a look to the fac simile indications. We remind you that, in accordance with the Statute, to aspire to the PS superior grades you need to have a certain number of successful projects.


Subject to the technocratic authority approval, you can build a local group (local group) with a minimum of 4 active and paying philomathes  by filling the provided form.